Shoot-Up at Doppler Studios

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studioPreviously in our career we had the pleasure of recording at Doppler Studios in Atlanta, GA. Doppler was home to many major label artists such as Outkast, Kanye West, Whitney Houston, the list goes on. We weren’t the usual rap or hip-hop clientele artist to say the least. But, during our sessions we became friends with the receptionist, who was charming and more importantly, loved our music.

While spending the days in the studio, we performed at night in the Atlanta bar scene. On one occasion, we convinced our new friend to skip her evening shift and attend our show.  She accepted.

Meanwhile, back at Doppler, the front entrance, lobby, and reception desk were being shot up in a barrage of gunfire.

The next day we returned to find the windows destroyed and the reception desk peppered with bullets. We were told Kanye was responsible, but never confirmed.

By coming to our show, we saved a young woman’s life.

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